Executive Coaching and Relationship Specialist

You and your organization have gifts and abilities 
that need to be developed.  
We were created for more than just serving ourselves.
We are a relational beings and someone needs our help.

The problem is...

your trying to do it alone.  You need someone to walk with you.  Someone who understands you and the way you were made.

Have you ever heard of an Olympic athlete that didn’t have a coach?  No! Of course not.  That would be crazy.

You have Olympic potential. 

You need a coach.

For 30 years Roy has been empowering people and organizations to become the leaders they long to be and leave a legacy they are proud of. His in depth process is simple yet very powerful and incredibly effective.

You are the hope. Together we can help people everywhere.

Let's see what we can do.


Coach, Consultant, Fundraiser, & Investor.

Roy is a leader in the community who has strengthened relationships, healed marriages, and influenced life and business change for the past 30 years. He has a proven ability to raise funds, create opportunities and influence the direction of an organization, department, and individuals to achieve their most desired outcomes.


Life changing results.

Roy has an uncommon ability to empathize, challenge and relate to almost anyone.  He is completely non-judgmental, open minded and deeply encouraging.  Often times he can see who you are and your incredible potential clearer than most others.
He was a pastor for 10 years, an entrepreneur for 20, founded a non-profit that finds mentors for kids.  Most of all loves his wife and kids and probably you..

Lets see what it takes!

For other inquiries please contact roy@royaclark.com